Shore Redneck Decal Application Instructions

Our decals are designed to be applied indoors or outdoors, and will stick to most solid, wax and oil free surfaces such as clean glass, metals, fiberglass and most plastics. If you are applying your decal to an outdoor surface we strongly recommend applying your decal on a warm, dry day so that it can form its best bond with the surface you are applying it to.

Of course we can’t guarantee your sticker forever, but we do use some of industries highest quality vinyls and inks in our manufacturing processes so that you can get the best life span from your decal. You will also want to avoid having your decals come in contact with potential peel and scratch hazards such as windshield wipers or other mechanical mechanisms.

Thank you for your support, and if you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us here:

Decal Application Steps:

  1. Clean surface. Let dry thoroughly.
  2. Peel off clear top layer from backing, apply over desired location.
  3. Rub firmly and repeatedly... starting from one side to the next.
  4. Slowly peel away clear layer.